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Upgrading your outdoors by adding carpentry details with stainless steel can dramatically improve your property landscape. Unlike the traditional lumber, stainless steel can add a modern look and durability to the finish carpentry and enhance your home value.

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials that can be used in architecture. You can choose from many different types, with different properties and level of corrosion resistance.

When an appropriate material is chosen its integrity will remain virtually unchanged over many years. At Maffini Home Improvement we have the perfect skills to identify the best stainless steel that meets the aesthetic standards and is cost efective for your project. We will evaluate details such as the site environment, finish, design and even the maintenance schedule that you have in mind.

The use of stainless steel on pergolas, railings and moldings can be a great improvement to your backyard. The pergola featured on the picture above was built by Maffini Home Improvement in Greenwich, CT, where a beautiful garden designed by the architect Tara M Vincenta, the owner of Artemis Landscape Architects is being built by Freddy's Landscape Company. You can see more pictures of this project in our gallery tab.

Besides perfect measurements and specific tools, stainless steel on outdoors carpentry will require precise cuts no matter the style or type. You should invest in the choice of a good carpentry company when you consider upgrading your outdoors with stainless steel if you want to have a perfect installation, and Maffini Home Improvement is here to help. Call us at (203) 362-5370 whenever you decide to upgrade your outdoors with stainless steel.

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