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7 tips to keep your house warm during the winter

Homeowners should check their properties before winter to make sure everything is in good shape for what these low temperatures can bring. In a recent post, we've listed some tips for preparing your home for the cold season. But some homes still need adjustments or little tricks to stay warm. And some of these tricks can actually be very useful during a heat loss caused by a power outage during a storm. So grab a warm blanket and relax while reading these ideas. Check it out!

  • Windows - Make sure all windows are closed and, if necessary, place a towel in front of any noticeable leaks until you can seal them properly.

  • Curtains - Open your curtains and let sunlight enter during the day. Sun heat is free and you should take advantage of this. When the sun goes down, close the curtains. They will act as an insulation layer to keep the rooms warm.

  • Doors - Check around the door and underneath it. You may need to install a weather strip around and / or a door sweep.

  • Close unused rooms - When you close the door of any unused room, you create a barrier preventing the frigid air coming from the window. This way, the cold will not be able to reach the rest of the house.

  • Carpet / Carpet - Avoid heat loss from the floor using carpets and rugs. That way you can have a warmer surface to walk on, as they are usually warmer than wood or stone.

  • Light a fireplace - You can warm your home by lighting a fireplace. If your home does not have a fireplace, you may consider installing one.

  • Move some furniture - Even if your favorite sofa is in front of the radiator, you may need to remove it. It may be absorbing heat that could warm the rest of the room. When moving it away from the radiator, the hot air is circulating freely. You will get the most out of your heat source with this trick.

Now that you have learned these tricks, walk around in your house and see what can be improved to make your home even more protected from the cold. We hope you stay warm during this time - here at Maffini Home Improvement.

Call Maffini Home Improvement to work on your next project, either to improve your home's heating efficiency or for any repair or upgrade - (203) 880-5427.

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