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If you are planning to do an upgrade on your home by adding a decking area, Maffini Home Improvement has the tools to work on a project with you... but before you take the first steps, there are some important things to consider. Enjoying outdoors can be a wonderful way to take advantage of the nature and the warm weather, but make sure you are prepared to have a pleasant time despite the possibility of some surprises that could happen. Here are some tips to have a great experience in a backyard:

1- Decide what you want from your outdoor space. Is the area intended to be used as an outdoor dining room or an extension of your family room? Are you sensitive to the sun? Do you wish to use your outdoor space to cook? Do you need privacy? Depending on your preferences make sure you choose the perfect area of your back yard that will give you enough shade, space and shelter for your project.

2- Learn how to deal with the bugs. If mosquitos insist to be in your area you will need to take some actions to keep them away, such as screening the porch, avoiding standing water and installing ceiling fans.

3- Use only outdoor fabrics on your furniture. It is a good idea to invest in furniture and fabrics that are built to resist the elements. They tend to cost more money but they will resist stains and last longer. Leave regular furniture and delicate fabrics to be used on a covered porch, if you have one.

4 - You can “muffle” sounds with soundtrack or running water. These are great alternatives to quiet the sound from neighbors. You can also have a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere with the sound of a small water fountain.

5 - Have enough shade. Sitting outside with no shade on a hot day can be nice... but only for about five minutes. After that your guests will be begging for cover. Add shade to your sitting area with umbrellas, lattices or a pergola.

6 - Have an outdoor dining kit ready. It can be easier to dine outdoors if you have a kit always ready and waiting. Use big trays with handles to grab and go to reduce the trips to your kitchen, and don’t forget to restock: unbreakable glasses and plates, water bottles, napkins, candles, dome-shaped cover to keep the flies off the food, bottle openers, etc.

7 - Blankets ready for chilly evenings. Keep some blankets nearby and pass them around. Your guests will love you!

8- Add some lighting for the nighttime. The choice of a right light can make even the simplest space come alive at night. Making a path with lanterns on the grass, using the correct landscape lighting in the garden and spreading candles around tables can add a romantic atmosphere to your space.

Call Maffini Home Improvement to upgrade your backyard with a nice space and enjoy the outdoor life ! (203) 362-5370

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