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Fall Home Improvement CHECKLIST ✔️

Investing in home improvement is essential during the fall to be prepared as the air cools down. Indoor and outdoor improvement will not only increase your home value but will help you to get ready for the season’s elements.

From simple inspections to remodels, we list here a few tasks that will help you to stay comfortable and safe during the upcoming season.

We will start by the simple tasks that will keep your home functioning well and then we will finish up by giving you some ideas of improvements to help you to make the most out of your home.

1- TEST YOUR OUTDOOR LIGHTS - Day light is limited on the colder seasons. Make sure your outdoor lights are in working order. Check to make sure the bulbs are working and replace them if needed and you will feel safe to walk around when you need.

2 - TUNE YOUR HEATING SYSTEM - Make sure everything is working properly, you will need to use the heater soon. Perform the preventive maintenances. It's not always easy to get heating professional help out when it starts to get cold. Heating systems will use fuel more efficiently, last longer, and have fewer problems if properly maintained.

3 - CLEAN THE FIREPLACE - If you used the fireplace last year you need to have it all cleaned up to reduce the risk of a house fire and to avoid any potential damage.

4 - ADD COLORS - You can upgrade the colors of your house any time of the year but you can use the warm colors of this season to spice up your home. Cranberry, warm oranges, deep purple or chocolate will be perfect as the leaves change outside.

5- REPAIR THE ROOF - Deterioration of roof shingles can lead to permanent damage to the roof and overall house structure. Repairing or replacing your roof is a must if you want to be prepared for the upcoming storms and the fall is a great time to work on it.

6- REPLACE WINDOWS AND DOORS - You can save hundreds of dollars when your home is equipped with windows and doors that are properly sealed. Today’s doors and windows are designed with energy efficient features to help your budget. So if your house has old windows it is time to replace them and be properly sealed and protected from cold as well as the humidity, rain and snow.

7 - COVER YOUR GUTTERS - As the leaves start to fall, save yourself work by installing covered gutters and the water will flow through the gutters while the leaves that cause clogging will stay out. A proper gutter system helps to ensure that the drainage from your roof will flow away from your house preventing future damage.

8 - INVEST ON INSULATION - Poor insulation can threaten the overall comfort of your family. For instance, if a bedroom is built over a crawl space, insulation underneath should be considered. A properly installed insulation system is a home improvement that can definitely help you save on your utility costs and bring a more comfortable temperature during the cold seasons.

9 - INSTALL SKYLIGHTS - During fall and winter daylight is limited and and that’s when we have less overall exposure that our bodies crave. For those who suffer from seasonal disorder and can’t spend time outdoors, a well-lit interior makes all the difference. Skylights can brighten even the darkest spots of your house and bring some solar heating in winter. So let the sun shine and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

10 - ADD A MUDROOM - No more leaves, dirt and mud trailing through your house! Your hardwood floor and rugs will thank you and you will get a bonus space for you and your guests for boots, jackets and umbrellas.

11 - BUILD A FIRE PIT - A fire pit creates a warm ambience for friends and family to gather around during the chilly fall nights. But if you are not into the entertainment factor, you can still take advantage of a fire pit to enjoy a starry night with a loved one in your backyard while watching the fire.

12 - CREATE A FINISHED BASEMENT - Add a cozy place in the house for the kids to play when it gets cold outside. Use some creativity and create a play room, a guest room, a gym space, a home theater, etc. The possibilities are endless and you will significantly increase the value of your property.

13 - REMODEL YOUR KITCHEN - Upgrade your home with a kitchen equipped with new appliances, spacious cabinets or a new backsplash design and be ready to have the entire family over for the holidays. The kitchen is certainly the place where you spend most of the time and has to be functional and appealing for you and your guests. Make your kitchen an inviting place for your family this fall.

14 - RESTOCK ON WINE - Last, but not least! Certainly a great advice: stock up on wine and all the good treats that you will need to stay warm during the cold seasons.

Maffini Home Improvement is here to help with whatever home improvement project you take on this fall.

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